Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Vacation Mode :)

TV series yang paling popular 10 years ago..

Insha Allah..this coming October, will be there... meet Jun Sang & Yujin.. Holiday mode is ON secara tiba2...

Everything is done...Flight ticket, guesthouse, budget, maps, own itinerary, foods etc... All information in our travel book after doing some research about Korea in this 3 months and sometimes sampai 2am... tesis master pun tak semangat camnih hokay...

So, it will be my annual personal trip for 2013 before freeze holiday on 2014. Next year must focus on thesis, freeze holiday but maybe Sabah or Vietnam will be my choice for freezing holiday year.. Is it call 'freeze'?? Its my fren question actually..

Also mentioned to my Chinese fren, in our religion, we must travel to see Allah's creation. And it will be my big reason or maybe excuse to my mum...untuk mengelakkan kemarahan.. ngeh3..

And.......this year...besday....Korea....Autumn.... Foliage......



  1. wahh untungla boleh gi korea.... jelesss mak nok!! nanti jangan lupa belikan aku souvenir... ngehehehhe

    1. opkos la kalo jumpe souvenir yg kiut miut nnti ak beli...hehehe:)