Friday, 15 August 2014



One year ago, when I decide to further my master,

I actually already think about all this things. 

Yes! Now I realized, many things to sacrifices. 

Many thing to think. 

But sometimes people will not understand my situation until I choose to stay alone. 

Motivate myself. Talk to my Creator anytime I want. Instead of talk to Him, I think I have to write. 

Maybe writing can make me feel better even though I am very poor in writing. 

I love to talk, but not writing.

Living alone is not an easy life. When people around me especially my friends had their own life. Everyone busy with family but I am not. 

It doesn’t mean that I want to get married as soon as possible. 

But living alone is not an easy life. 

When people said, I am very choosy….. Deep in my heart, I’m very sad. But pretending to be happy is not easy.

When people said, my life is easy with no commitment. Deep in my heart said; Yes! Its true I don’t have commitment but all commitment I face it alone. And with my Creator.

When people said, I am a smart girl, look very strong….Deep in my heart, only Allah knows what is inside.

When people said, I can travel everywhere I go because I am single… Deep in my heart, it’s the only way to reward myself after a hectic working and study life.

When people said, its good to have a master… Deep in my heart said; Yes, only Allah knows the challenge. 

Its very lucky to have a supportive family, friends, supervisor and boss. Sometimes, I give up! Wanted to let everything go! Crying alone! Thinking what will be next! 

Its easy to say, I really don’t care what people says. But sometimes I care!



  1. yes. aku paham rasa nak quit tu SA. tapi aku takleh banding ngan mu sebab aku at least duk umah ngan mak ayah mu duk sorang. mu lagi strong and tabah la kiranya. takpe, kita kuatkan semangat. harung sehabis bulih. pantang melayu menyerah. chayok2!! peduli apa org kata. sakit kita, kita je yg tau. orang mostly tengok luaran, depa tak tau dalam robek macam ape, hanya Allah yg tau segala. yes mari berjuang.... berusaha berjaya. Allah ada bersama kita. kita jadikan ni jihad kita fisabilillah.... :D

    1. Thanks jannah..komen mu buat ak rse nk nangis..waaa...sgt struggle nk abiskan sume inshaAllah blh settlekan and smbung lg stdy pasni..achieve our dream okay..we can do it!