Monday, 3 November 2014


Owh yes, dissertation...
Ukm students, in order nak dapat master in accounting, kena la siapkan dissertation anda! Must be in Bahasa Melayu.. Bahasa ibunda kite lahh..
Most of people akan cakap, "hah?? tesis?? Susahnya..boringnya...nak kena baca banyak jurnal and bla bla bla...
And the worst is, some people will say, owh your research is nothing.. the words is from your fren okay..frenzo! pren!
But, honestly will see the true fren when you are in difficulties. That's what I can see now...
Some of them will say, he/she will understand us in any situations... My advice is, dengar boleh..Percaya jangan lagi..
But its okay... we can't change their mind..
To stay positive the conclusion is... the negativity challenge my thought.. :)

Its different when you are a part time student. Big responsibilities in two different world.

Working in accounting field in a place yang org cakap high class la kot Damansara ni, with big challenge which most of people just see money, money, money...and position maybe.. Its hard to talk about knowledge, ilmu, study and whatsoever..

And of course, when comes to Bangi, which I will go there meeting dengan lecturer or hang out dengan kawan masa degree. Its very different, seriously! Enter gate UKM, dengan suasana ilmu, tersangatlah different.

I hope I can be a full time student again..Insha Allah..

Till then...Salam :)

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